Virtual Bookkeeping

Virtual Bookkeeping

Cloud based bookkeeping makes it possible for us to work together from anywhere.

Thanks to modern software and cloud computing technology, a virtual bookkeeper can work with businesses anywhere. So long as we have an internet connection and a way to communicate with each other, we can work together. What is more, a virtual bookkeeper provides all the same services, with the same level of efficiency and accuracy, as an in-house bookkeeper.


How does it work?

Once a bookkeeper can access your network, they can collaborate through software optimized for virtual bookkeeping. The most common software is QuickBooks Online.  However, virtual bookkeeping is so common, there is a program or app for every function your business could need. Your virtual bookkeeper will be able to help you set up any services and software you choose. All transactions, meetings, and functions happen by phone or internet. All of this takes place in the cloud, so there is no need to download, store, or update your system.


The benefits of hiring a virtual bookkeeper

The primary advantages of hiring a virtual bookkeeper are cost and flexibility. There are several additional costs to hiring “on-sight” employees. From extra taxes, to office supplies, and even finding space in the office, hiring “in-house” can be expensive.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose control of my information if my bookkeeping is virtual?

No. If anything, you will gain control. As your information is saved in the cloud, you will have access to it whenever you want from any computer or device you choose. You also have control over who can access your information (and can revoke access privileges from anywhere, instantly).

And, your bookkeeper is always just a phone call or e-mail away. Working with a virtual bookkeeper adds control and flexibility to your schedule.

What is the cloud?

The cloud is where you store all your files, data, and software. Using the cloud for storage, instead of a computer, makes it possible for you and whoever you choose to access your information from any computer or device you choose. You will have access to your information from anywhere and at any time.

Will my information be safe?

Yes. In fact, your sensitive information is safer in the cloud than on a local computer. Computers can be stolen, hacked, and corrupted. The cloud, however, is rigorously protected by companies who spend millions of dollars on systems and professionals to keep your data safe.

Is cloud computing difficult to use?

In many ways, cloud computing (and cloud based services) are more user friendly than traditional programs. All you need to do is log-in and the programs work. No confusing installs, no fuss over patches or updates, no more fretting over compatibility. There is a large team of people working behind the scenes to keep your software experience as easy as possible.

Is working virtually expensive?

Working virtually is often cheaper than keeping services in-house. This is because of the “pay only for what you want” aspect of virtual software and services. You are not paying for upgrades, system maintenance, additional hardware, support fees, taxes on employees, overhead, office space, etc.