Heidi – Director of Bean-Counting

Meet Heidi

Heidi is our Director of Bean-Counting. She has been a proud business owner for eighteen years and continues to find new ways to grow the successes of her clients and employees. Heidi is dedicated to communicating with clients daily to keep them organized and timely. She loves helping business owners develop good habits so she doesn’t have to chase them down every month.

When Heidi is out of the office, she loves to go on long runs and spend time with her family. You could also find her kicking her feet up with a good book, watching a little TV, or hanging out with her dog, Carter. A typical day for Heidi is typically rising before the sun, getting in a little fitness, working with her clients and employees, then trying to make it home before bedtime.

Heidi’s goal for the future is to move more into an advisory role for her clients and staff. She is dedicated to making sure everyone is still learning and keeping hla Bookkeeping a place where everyone feels they can speak out and want to be there.

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