When and Why Should You Refresh Your Website

When and Why Should You Refresh Your Website

You have spent time building your brand style, perfecting your message, and retaining loyal customers/clients. But, now what? Well, time is constantly moving, and trends are always changing. It can be hard to know when it is time for a refresh. We want to help guide you to understanding when and why you should refresh your website.

Monitor Your Competition and Trends in Your Industry

No industry is safe from new businesses disrupting the market, and when they do, their fresh look could have some of your clientele jumping ship for something new. It is essential to analyze all your competition and keep up with the new businesses entering your market. When analyzing these businesses, note the colors they use for their branding, the themes in their messaging, and the overall feel of their website. These notes will be handy for what you decide to do when you refresh your website. Monitor their business level. This will let you know when it may be time for a brand refresh. Knowing how many businesses are in your market and the number of people in the market can help you determine the share that each of your competitors holds in that market.

Comparing Your Business Analysis to Others

Here is where we will analyze your business compared to others. Using all the information you have gathered on your competition; you will collect on your brand. The information should allow you to see specific trends in similar brand color palettes, messaging themes, or overall website looks. Once you have reviewed this and seen what trends are out there, you can start to form the direction you would like to go with your brand refresh.

Why Should You Update Content?

Increased technical abilities are a great reason to consider updating your website. Depending on your clientele’s technical expertise, you want to make navigating your website as easy as possible, and over the years since you first created your website, a lot has changed. There may be ways to make scheduling a meeting with you easier now from your website than your current method. Or you may find there is a better way to organize the content on your website to make it more user-friendly.

 Another reason is your business model may have changed since your first opened, and you need to express the way you work now more in your content than what is there now. Your team looks different now, and you need to add new photos of your team and office. While the principle of your business may not have changed, a lot still has within your business, and you should share that with your customers.

How to Refresh Your Website

This can be a big or small project, depending on how you look at it. Consider this an opportunity to rebuild your brand. You know so much more now than when you started and know what the customers in your market want. Many people refresh content or minor branding aspects but then have to refresh their style continuously.

Take this opportunity to go through all the branding steps again and secure what you like about your brand and what you are ready to get rid of. Start by analyzing your logo, most likely the font and style of the logo. Do you think the elements used in your logo are still relevant? If so, then keep it. If not, will you use nostalgia to remind your customers who you are and have been, or is it time to switch it up? Nostalgia can be important when it comes to relating to your audience. Next, review your brand colors. Remember specific colors have special meaning to your audience. For example, blue means trusting. That’s why many banks use it in their branding. The colors you pick will have their own messaging to your market.

Next review your messaging. Are there places you can expand to let the reader know more, and are there areas you can explain things more simply? The simpler you can make your messaging, the more it will resonate with your readers.

You must remember to remain yourself while you are refreshing your content. It should still emote your personality as a business owner and speak for the environment you strive to have. When you stay in your unique tone with a style and feel you like, your market will see that as a personal touch to working with you. You are the brand, and you must choose elements that speak for themselves but come from your persona.