How to Connect with hla Bookkeeping

How to Connect with hla Bookkeeping

At hla Bookkeeping, we strive for you to have a pleasant experience when interacting with us. We respect that you need us to complete a task, and we want to do that efficiently and effectively. But beyond that, we want to build a friendly relationship with you. As bookkeepers, we work intimately with you and your business and want to develop a lasting relationship. We want you to know our standard for your experience as a customer, how to connect with hla bookkeeping, and our goal of service for both yourself as the client and us as a business.

Our Standard for Your Customer Experience

As discussed above, we want to build a friendly relationship with you to make our work together easier. We are continually growing our knowledge to ensure we are serving you the best we can. This means seeking new systems to help you more efficiently and effectively, which we believe we found in 2017 and are now integrating here at hla Bookkeeping.

How to Schedule with Us

We have updated how we schedule appointments.  We now use a cloud-based application that is integrated on our website.  It is called Acuity Scheduling.  Scheduling appointments this way takes the “What time works for you?” question off the table.  I have set up windows of time that are available for appointments and you just pick the one that fits YOUR schedule.  It also allows prospective clients to complete a short intake form before scheduling an appointment with us.  This makes our first contact with potential clients more productive.

To start, go to, and two options will appear. You are either an existing client or a new client. If you are a current client, click to schedule your next meeting from the available time slots. If you are a new client, click the button of interest in which you will be prompted to complete the intake form that allows us to know upfront what your need are. 

Setting up this process is a more efficient use of both of our time and eliminates the back and forth of getting an appointment scheduled. When you are done filling out the intake form, it will be sent to hla Bookkeeping for review. We will then respond to you via email to take the next step. Simple as that. When you schedule a meeting, you can feel secure knowing we are fully present for you and prepared to make our interaction together worthwhile.

Our Goal to Meet Both Our Needs

We understand your needs as a business owner as we are also a business. We know what a rarity time is, and it is constantly fleeting whether we like it or not. Our intake form allows us to see what your needs are quickly, and our meetings are aimed to be short and sweet to get you what you need in a timely fashion. When you schedule that first meeting with us, this is where we are setting the tone and culture for our work together. In our last blog, we discussed our core values, and we want those we work with to uphold these same values in their time with us to have the most successful relationship we can.  

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