The Mission and Core Values of hla Bookkeeping

The Mission and Core Values of hla Bookkeeping

As society becomes more digitized and automated, more and more people crave personal connection. The same is true at hla Bookkeeping! We want to add that personal connection with the people we work with and let you know the mission and core values of hla Bookkeeping.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients succeed in business by providing quality, accurate and useful financial information.  We are honest with ourselves and others to produce consistent results.  We strive to  practice kindness at all times. In bookkeeping, quality and accuracy are everything to business owners. We help them manage and balance their cashflows to feel more secure in making the most opportune investments to grow their businesses. If we are unable to do this for our clients, we have no business. Outside of striving for quality and accuracy, we must be honest internally and externally with our staff and each of our clients. While honesty in bookkeeping is quickly linked to the legality of a client’s books, we also need to think ethically and be honest with our clients in our thinking. While we want our clients acting ethically with their business, we, as a bookkeeping company, want to be handling their books as ethically as possible to ensure honesty both internally and externally. Carrying out our mission successfully allows us to maintain consistency throughout our business.

Our Core Values


We hold quality far higher than quantity and speed. While we strive for balance, we do not want to be rushing through the client’s work and leave errors behind. Instead, we want to set standards with clients to provide the best product we can. In our last blog, we detailed the system we have put into place to increase the quality of our client books and consistency. Promoting quality as one of our core values, we help clients feel more secure in trusting us with an internal view into their business on varying scales.


As we discussed above in our mission, honesty is a core value not only simply for the legal and ethical reasons it holds but to build that personal connection with our clients. Many businesses that do not have customers at the forefront keep communication vague and get each task done. The consumer on the receiving end of that type of experience may not trust that person or company and quickly move on to the next business that fulfills their value proposition. Whereas at hla Bookkeeping, we are asking how often you would like an update on your books and give honest feedback on our working relationship to ensure we are meeting your needs as stress-free as possible.  We want to be sure we are reporting your books accurately and honestly as possible.  If there has been a miscommunication, we attempt to make any necessary corrections as soon as we become aware of them. Without honesty, there is no foundation for trust, and without trust, how can we manage such an intimate part of your business?


Our last core value is kindness. Again, we are a small business that strives for a personal connection with our clients. We want you to have a positive experience working with hla Bookkeeping. We train our employees to offer kindness in each interaction without expectations of the same return. Yes, this may mean our employees offer kindness where more negative feelings are returned, but we want to know for ourselves that you got the best version of hla Bookkeeping. Fostering this environment is essential at hla Bookkeeping. The saying “the customer is always right” is a good concept, but in reality, the customer is not always right or professional, but they should be treated with the same kindness and respect as if they were. Not only do we want consistency in our books but our customer experience.

We hope you enjoyed a look into what we value most at hla Bookkeeping.  We hope that you find hla Bookkeeping living our mission and core values and meeting all of your expectations.  If for some reason that is not happening, we invite you to have an honest and kind conversation with us by communicating any issues you have so that we can serve you to the best of our ability and heighten your customer experience. 

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