Big Things Happening at HLA Bookkeeping

Big Things Happening at HLA Bookkeeping

I am Heidi, and I am the owner of hla Bookkeeping and have been since 2001. I got into this business to help people track the growth of their businesses. When I started hla Bookkeeping, it was just me. I created my processes and my way of doing things to serve the clients I could at the time. While my business has continued to grow, I have been searching for better and faster ways to help my clients.  This way I can continue to grow my business while helping clients grow theirs. So much of the advice we give is about how you can better your business and understand the numeric value of your growth as it relates to your bookkeeping. Right now, I want to share some insight into my business and what has changed as we continue to grow.

Where I Was When I Started

Since starting this business, I have been deeply involved in every client I take on. No matter how big my team has gotten, I have stayed immersed in every task. While I love this part of my job, it has its limitations in taking on new clients. Setting the standards and processes for our client books and our processes here at hla Bookkeeping is something I developed and tested on my own over time. 

What Excited Me to Make A Change

As we continue to take grow, my ability to be involved in every single client has become more and more unrealistic. While not wanting the quality of our work to suffer, I knew it was time to seek better processes and systems to continue meeting the same standard I had for myself when I was the sole person doing the work at hla Bookkeeping. I found a resource in 2017 and looked at it pretty seriously but decided that “I could do it myself” so did not move forward with the system.  I opened the office in February of 2018, and hit the ground running. I quickly realized that I couldn’t do this on my own with all I had already taken on to manage the business I had created.   Fast forward to the fall of 2020 and all that 2020 had to offer and I thought to myself, there must be a better way; a system out there that I can implement in my business to make our work more systemized without having to reinvent the wheel. Then I remembered my research from 2017.  I decided to go for it! I am not going to lie to you. This has been a big investment in both time and money, and I feel like it will be worth if for both MY business and YOURS.  The promise it holds is worth every penny. It is called the Pure Bookkeeping System, and a woman from Australia created it; it took her about 12 years to develop and test. Even though I believe in myself and the processes I created for hla Bookkeeping, having this new “toolbox” of a system is fantastic in the security I know I can provide to my clients.

Why Pure Bookkeeping is Going to Make Such a Difference.

The Pure Bookkeeping System offers exceptional standardization for all my clients’ books and ensures that all our clients’ books will be handled and processed the same way every time. As we continue to grow as a firm, it seems my role has become quality control and compliance work. I never want errors on any job we are doing with a client but overseeing every step of our client process has become too hard for me.  I believe the Pure Bookkeeping System is our answer; their processes have proven to reduce many well-known errors that can be made within the world of bookkeeping. We may still be in the implementation phase of this new resource; we are beginning to see the difference in the conformity and unity between our client books.  This system allows us to maintain the high standards I have for hla Bookkeeping.

Through this entire process, I learned to search for the best but not to reinvent the wheel. It is easy to take on more and more, but you can easily and quickly drown yourself. The Pure Bookkeeping System is my life raft for maintaining and exceeding the standards I have set for my business. Not only is the Pure Bookkeeping systems tested and proven by thousands, it is now being tested and proven by us. For more information, contact me at, and look out for more things to come in the world of hla Bookkeeping.

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