Finding Your Niche & Why It’s Important

Finding Your Niche & Why It’s Important

When you become a business owner, you will probably start hearing people say “find your niche” but what does that even mean? A niche is what you specialize in; the people you are wanting to serve. Think about what your ideal customer looks like, what do they like to do? What will grab their attention? Owning your own business allows you to explore and find your own niche and your own community to connect with. At first this may be hard to narrow down and oftentimes tricky. This is an opportunity to find something you are passionate about and use it to build your niche, which will drive the success of your business.

Find Your Ideal Client

Finding your niche can link you to your ideal client. No need to please everyone, having a specialized niche will allow you to focus on a small number of customers, building their trust in you and your company. You will also be able to share your passion with others that are just as interested in your niche as you are.

Don’t try to appeal to many different types of customers because this could show a potential disconnect. The customer could see that you don’t truly align with their interests which could create a sense of insincerity. Niches give you a chance to focus on a target market and build a community.

Narrow Down Your Niche

Narrow down your niche so you can become an expert at your craft. Having a niche allows you to constantly practice the same things over and over again. They say, “practice makes perfect” and that is true when it comes to your business. The more time you put into your specific niche, the higher the quality of information you will give customers.

You don’t want to start a business saying you are an expert at multiple things and only have little information to give to your customers. This could cause doubt with your customers because it’s very hard to be an expert at several things.

Limit Your Competitors

Using the “think big” mentality means potentially a large number of competitors all swimming in the same pool of customers. At first, you would think to market your business to a lot of different customers because more people should mean more money, right? The reality is that if you have your own specific niche, you will have a smaller pool of customers, but you will also have a smaller number of other businesses to compete with.

This also means that within your community there will be less big names being tossed around as referrals. People like businesses they know and trust. If you are working within a smaller community of people, they will be more trusting when someone says “Hey, this business was awesome! You should try it.”

Increase Your SEO

Targeting your niche can help improve your SEO and put your website first in online searches for people who are ready to buy. Customers can find your business easier when they have a specific area or topic to search for.

A niche makes it easier for small businesses to describe to potential customers what you do and how it can improve their life. Generic key words will pull thousands of results when you search them online, but if you niche is searching for more unique key words, it will make it easier for them to find you online. It provides a focus and allows you to provide information and knowledge about your business in a clear and concise way.

In the end, finding your niche can great improve your business’s performance in many different ways. Feeling like you are having trouble narrowing down what your niche would be? I am here to help! Give me a call today!