The Pros and Cons of DIY Bookkeeping

The Pros and Cons of DIY Bookkeeping

At some point in the career of every business owner, the same question arises. Can bookkeeping be a task I do myself, or should I contact a professional bookkeeper? Many businesses, especially small businesses, will take the risk of maintaining their own books. Although there are some benefits to this pursuit, there are also negative aspects that are too frequently overlooked.

To understand what is right for you and your business, it is vital to make an educated decision. With the proper knowledge and experience, it is possible that you are well suited to manage the finances of your business. However, if you are unprepared it is possible you could face major consequences for this undertaking.

Will DIY Bookkeeping Save Money?

Saving money is the most common reason business owners avoid hiring a professional to manage their finances. Although it will cost several nights or the weekend to finish your taxes, ultimately the time invested comes at a lesser cost than paying someone to render a service for your business.

The reward of saving money through avoiding professional assistance with your books is only as lasting as your ability to avoid mistakes. An error in your books could come at a severe price, including stress, time, and significant monetary cost. What this means for you and your business is that if you don’t have a strong understanding of accounting practices, neglecting to hire a professional could become consuming of your time and damage your business.

Additionally, there is more than one avenue in which financial professionals can save you money. Other than ensuring that you will avoid unnecessary charges for errors in filing tax information, a bookkeeper or accountant can support your business’ efficiency and provide guidance with financial decisions.

Should I Hire a Professional?

While many business owners asking this question would like to believe they can take on the challenge of managing their businesses finances, this is a time-consuming task that could ultimately impede your business from growth. Not only is it rare to have the technical skills required to do your bookkeeping, managing your books daily will distract you from pursuing your ideas and innovations for your business.

Although some would argue that personally managing the books will give an owner a better picture of the finances and state of their business, this is rarely accurate. A good bookkeeper will be able to ask you the right questions and investigate your finances to get a good outlook on your business.

Getting the Most out of Your Bookkeeper

It is possible that in the past, you have had a bad experience with hiring a professional, or you have known someone who has. Keep in mind that not every bookkeeper is a good one, and as is true in any industry, it is possible to end up hiring someone that isn’t the best fit for you and your business. Don’t let one experience change your outlook on this aspect of your business.

Pick someone with a good track record, or that comes well recommended and take advantage of the expertise that they can offer your business. Your accountant or bookkeeper can help show you how to save money or make your business more profitable, so ask questions that will help you to make decisions for your business or ask for advice.

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