Resting During a Busy Season

Resting During a Busy Season

Prioritizing rest and why it’s important

There are very few things that can run unceasingly. Much like the technology that we use daily, we also need time to recharge. The fast-paced world we live in makes it hard to compete with the continual pressure of unwavering competition. In a culture that boasts a 24-hour news cycle and offers a constant connection through smartphones and social media, it is easy to slip into the habit of carrying work with you wherever you go. This is especially true for the business-owner and furthermore during busy seasons.

When time gets tight, frequently the first thing to go is rest or sleep. Not only does this approach have adverse effects on your health, but it is also not the most productive way to work. While many of us feel that pushing ourselves beyond our limits by working long and unbroken hours is the best way to be productive, research would suggest otherwise. Studies show that working longer often leads to excessive stress, burnout, disengagement, and poorer performance when you are on the job.

Rest and Productivity

There is a notable difference between working a lot and working well. When you are working extended hours, you can accomplish a lot of tasks, and it will seem you are pushing your business forward. However, working hard, long hours without taking the time to reflect on the decisions guiding your company, could take you to a place where you never wanted your business to go. Working well is the result of approaching our tasks from an innovative perspective and increasing productivity through working smart. Rest is an essential component of working well. Resting changes the way we think because it provides a break from functioning in a state of stress. Revisiting work after a break increases creativity, focus, efficiency, and a reignited passion for your career.

Culture might be telling you that you need to push aside your needs as a sacrifice for your success or business. What many people misidentify as merely the absence of work, rest provides the mental energy to work better and allows space to build confidence in the direction of your career.

How Do I Get the Rest That I Need?

Even among the population of the workforce that understands the importance of rest, many of us still don’t know how to provide our bodies and mind, with the rest it needs. Think of resting like running or singing. These are activities everyone knows how to do, but with a little work or practice, you can significantly improve the skill. You can enjoy rest more profoundly and return to work refreshed if you simply put a more thought and work into it. Try one of these practices to use as restful ways to improve your thinking:


Getting the sleep that your body requires for physical, mental, and emotional health is an essential aspect to productivity both personally and professionally. When we are sleeping, it gives our body the opportunity to replace our used energy and provide maintenance where we most need it. Prioritize getting the sleep you need regularly.

Take A Vacation

Even as the business owner, taking time away from the workplace is necessary. Removing yourself from the stresses of your workplace will help you to have more focus and clarity when you return to work.

Know When to Stop

Getting needed rest is sometimes as easy as knowing limits for each day. Ernest Hemingway famously pointed out the good practice of stopping when you see what is coming next. During the time in between, your subconscious will be prompted to process and work through the challenges that were left at work. This will give you a new perspective when you return to work.

Am I Getting the Rest That I Need?

If you are working day to day burnt out and exhausted, it is time to take a break.  Don’t wait until you hit a point of resenting your work or losing the passion that put you in your career when you started. Outsourcing is a great option to provide the extra support needed for your business to allow for flexibility and rest.

To learn more about how your business can best find the support it needs, visit my Take the steps necessary for you and your business to grow at a sustainable pace. Rest is not laziness or being idle. It is the key to a better workplace and life.

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